For people who weigh 150 kilos and 350 kilos.
Each patient’s measure is manufactured following a series of general parameters.
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Bariatrica Trescuartos

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Design and build

Width according to the width of the seated patient
110cm height
96cm lenght

This model was developed for people up to 350 kg, and is pricing and made to measure and by request.

​General characteristics

​Width of the chair between rear wheels: according to the width of the
Total chair length excluding footrest: 1.12 cm
Seat width: 54 to 120 cm

Seat depth: 30 to 59 cm
Seat height: 45 to 63 cm
Back height: 30 to 60 cm

Ground clearance: 10 cm
Passage width (to know the width of doors necessary): according to the width of the seat that the person needs.
Reinforced frame wall thickness (thickness increased from 1.6mm to 3.2mm)
Reinforced footrests

Fixed armrests
Backrest structure 25.4 mm diameter and 2.25 mm thick fully welded and custom made with double cross member
Reinforced seat supports and seat frame or directly on solid steel bar.

Power and speed

0.7 kW, 10 km / hr

With 0.7 kW it is the most powerful motorized wheelchair, so you can overcome all obstacles. It has a power plant with Super-Torque, and speed up to 10 km / hr.


We recommend fixed seat without motorization. However, for patients weighing less than 300 kg, a motorized seat with tilt can be added.

Bariatrica Frente
Bariatrica Lateral