Powerful, robust and comfortable.
With powered seat stand up.

C100 Trescuartos

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Design and build

67cm wide
110cm height
96cm length

Robust, sporty and aggressive, resistant to uneven terrain. It is very compact for its category, which will allow you to move indoors and outdoors. Its divided aluminum footrest, adjustable in height, angle and folding, offers a wide surface so that you can have your feet fully supported, reducing stress. The armrests are height-adjustable and folding, so you can get in and out of your C100S more easily. The chassis made of steel, ensures the structural rigidity necessary for you to have a safe and comfortable ride.

Power and speed

0.7 kW, 10 km / hr

With 0.7 kW it is the most powerful motorized wheelchair, so you can overcome all obstacles. It has a power plant with Super-Torque, and speed up to 10 km / hr (optional up to 15 km / hr).


Flat cushion and backrest,
It has a powered seat with stand up.

Available in different sizes, it has a flat cushion and backrest, with optional postures. Height adjustable and folding expanded polyurethane armrests.

The C100S has a powered seat with stand upso that you can stand up, just by pressing a button.

C100 Perfil
C100 Perfil reclinada
C100 Trescuertos reclinada


Absorption of irregularities

With its independent suspension fixed to the two rear wheels, and its bulky tires, the C100S absorbs the unevenness of the terrain, obtaining a ride with greater comfort.

Lighting kit

Complete lighting kit

The C100S can be provided with the optional complete kit of lights, front and rear, with position, stop, turn and beacons lights.

Intuitive driving

The dashboard with swing away is very intuitive, with which you will operate your C100S. As an option, we offer the command by chin or by blowing and sucking.